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Traveling Nurse Information & Resources

Answers! Resources! Tools!

So, what is a Travel Nurse and how does this all work? Below you will find amazing answers, remarkable resources, and tantalizing tools you will need during your Travel Nursing career with Medical Solutions. (We know it’s not the most exciting stuff in the world, but hey, we tried!)

  • continuing education

    Continuing Education

    Better study. You will have immediate access to free online continuing education courses through a variety of our partner companies.

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  • state nursing licensure

    Nursing Licensure

    To make the licensure process as easy as possible we’ve provided links to each state’s information here.

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  • educational resources

    Educational Resources

    Here are links to educational resources full of Travel Nurse information, advice, books, tips, and websites for RNs looking into a Travel Nursing career.

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    Monthly Jobs Email

    Subscribe to the Medical Solutions Travel Jobs Monthly Email and receive great opportunities in the specialties that interest you.

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  • traveling with pets

    Traveling With Pets

    We are super pet-friendly Travel Nursing company and will go out of our way to find housing for Travelers with pets.

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  • medical solutions videos

    Educational Videos

    Watch videos covering topics that include traveling with pets, finding the right company, setting up your travel nurse housing, and so much more.

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  • Rn to BSN Program

    Skills Checklists

    Do you have the skills to pay the bills? Complete a skills checklist to find out.

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  • timesheet

    Traveler Timesheets

    Download a timesheet here. Be sure to follow the instructions so you get paid on time.

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  • FAQ

    Travel RN FAQ

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about a Travel Nursing career with Medical Solutions.

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